Better Beauty by Alchemy

    2019-12-20 20:18:07

    Hello Lovely, 

    With the new season comes a wealth of welcome changes - beautiful foliage, precious moments of celebration, quiet reflection, tasty treats, and cozy sweaters. The change of season can also bring about a few unwanted ones - like a dull, dehydrated complexion, or pesky blemishes. 

    Whether it’s the weather or the holiday rush stressing you out or just the nature of cycles, our skin’s optimal care can vary day to day. 

    This is where a customized KYPRIS micro-emulsion can help serve your unique skin care desires. Get to know this beloved trick of chemistry to alchemize your very own combinations as desired upon each application. 


    What is a micro-emulsion?

    A micro-emulsion is created when a water based product and an oil based product are blended into a customized wax free emulsion (read: will sink beautifully into skin). Water soluble ingredients and actives are made up of smaller molecules that have the ability to sink into the skin while oil’s larger fatty acids tend to sit atop the skin's surface. When you create a micro-emulsion, an oil based Beauty Elixir blends with a water based Serum to create a completely customized, wax-free moisturizer calibrated to your specific preferences and desired benefits.


    Apply Your Informed Intuition to Create Your Micro-emulsion

    Our serums are created to offer action-oriented hydration: Soothing, Balancing, or Refining. Our Beauty Elixirs are created to offer skin-type specific moisture. 

    To create your customized micro-emulsion, combine 2-5 drops of a KYPRIS Serum with 2-5 drops of your Beauty Elixir of choice. Apply to face, neck, and décolleté with kind eyes, gentle hands, and an honest compliment.

    If your skin feels a bit lackluster or thirsty, consider adding a few extra drops of Serum to the mix. If your skin feels a bit rough or tight, consider adding a few extra drops of Beauty Elixir.

    If the micro-emulsion on your skin feels too tacky, reduce the amount of serum in the combination. If even after reducing the blend still feels a bit too tacky, add an extra 2 drops of Beauty Elixir.

    If the micro-emulsion feels greasy on your skin, consider reducing the amount of Beauty Elixir. 

    If you’re finding your skin is a bit dry by mid afternoon increase the amount of Beauty Elixir and consider adding an application of Puff of Love: Nurturing Anytime Moisturizer over top.


    Which Serums & Elixirs should I be using? 

    Each beautiful complexion is unique and your skin’s needs often shift due to lifestyle, environment and natural cycles. To facilitate your journey to discovering which combinations you will love best, here are some recommended micro-emulsions for a variety of skin care desires. Should you have any additional questions or would like your complete customized ritual created for you by one of our KYPRIS Certified Aestheticians, please email us at care@kyprisbeauty.com.






    *Please sample the Moonlight Catalyst prior to purchase if your skin falls in this category.