So we are sold out, but our retail partners are in stock! And even @elleusa agrees that you need #1000Roses to treat yourself....???We are so thrilled and grateful for this attention yet what thrills us most is what is in the bottle and then brought into your home to love on your skin. Yes the CoQ10 and Vitamin C Ester are exquisite, but the roses in each of these bottles is the result of persistence and generosity of spirit and beauty- defined. In each of these bottles there is the oil of more than 1000 Bulgarian roses that are organic certified yet biodynamically grown. They're from a woman owned farm that contributes to the largest sector of Bulgaria's GDP: roses. The second largest. Weapons. The owner also works w the UN to replant afghani poppy fields with roses as rose oil costs US$10k to US$22k. These roses could make drug dealers and war lords drool. And the best part... Love and Beauty win.