Faces of the Goddess – Diana Stobo

    2020-10-07 19:59:33

    Diana Stobo is an innovator and leader in the global wellness industry.  She is an expert and trusted voice on subjects of digestive health, food as a modality for change, hormone balance, sex, aging well, weight management, wellness travel and optimal health through helping the body heal itself. Diana is a classically trained chef, nutrition expert, and was an early pioneer in the raw food movement. She coached thousands of people back to good health during many years as a health coach and healer. She is known for her ability to create tools and practices that empower and facilitate transformation, and to help foster freedom and empowerment in people's lives. Diana is an award-winning author of 15 books, and has traveled the world extensively as both a sought after speaker as well as a 'wellness traveler' learning about healing customs and practices from around the world.

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    1. Who and what is foremost in your heart? (Who and what in your personal life is most important to you?)

    I cherish loving relationships more than anything in the world. I am sort of a mama bear, always here for anyone in need, as my relationships are very important to me. My long-term friendships since childhood, my romantic partner and most definitely my grown children, who have become my best friends.

    2. How would you describe your work? How does the work you do impact consumers / environment / world?

    Everything I do is related to helping people thrive in their own lives, through teaching and healing. The Retreat Costa Rica was built as a foundation to catapult our guests and clients to a better future.

    3. What are you most proud of?

    My blind courage. I rarely look at what I have created as a landmark of my success. However, when others ask me about my long list of accomplishments, I am taken back as if I am looking at myself from a different perspective and I realize how brave I was to jump into the fire, take risks, and embrace ventures I knew nothing about.

    4. Which is one cause / organization you want us to know about? What would you like to see happen? 

    Access to education is a big part of my story. Although I wasn't underprivileged by any means, I was a Persian/American woman who’s father didn’t believe women needed an education. So I worked very hard to pay my way through college and graduate school. There always needs to be someone who believes in you that can push you to do great things. I believed in myself. Over the years, I have provided scholarships and opportunities in some of my and my children’s alum schools to give education to those who can’t afford it. The Northern Lights school in Oakland California was a huge project for me years ago. They help under-privileged inner city kids with marginal backgrounds become the best version of themselves. What they accomplish is awe-inspiring.

    5. What are you most passionate about sharing with others at this time?


    The world is in a peculiar and challenging time. So, passions are running hot. My fallback is to watch and listen. Everything happens for a reason, there are lessons to be learned. Go inside, find your heart center, dig deep for compassion and patience, for everyone has a different story.

    Getting To Know You, the Goddess

    Name Diana Shireen Stobo

    Nickname Princess (I’m not making this up- it started because of Princess Diana)

    La Jolla, California

    Current Location
    La Jolla California and Atenas, Alajuela Costa Rica

    Founder of Truth Bar and Owner of The Retreat Costa Rica 

    It’s 3:30pm, what are you drinking?
    Green Juice 

    Favorite place you’ve visited?
    I love traveling, and there are so many places I want to visit again. Rhodes, Greece, Dessert in Morocco, Coast of Italy, Bawah Reserve Indonesia, but Thailand and Costa Rica pull at my heart strings. 

    Currently Reading
    Currently rereading the text book A Course in Miracles from The Foundation of Inner Peace.

    Currently listening to

    Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brand
    Sita Couture

    Getting Personal

    Who was / is your favorite pet? In fear of my children calling me out for playing favorites, my first dog Bailey was the love of my life. She was a cocker Spaniel, and we were inseparable, she went to class with me at Cornell, she slept in my bed when I was on bed rest for my twins, the day she passed I could feel her soul leaving the earth, and it took a part of me with her.


    Next destination on your list? A pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago

    What is one of your superpowers? A Visionary that bringing dreams to reality

    What was your first job? Or what was your most random job?
    Oh gosh, my first job was boring, bookkeeping on ledger files for my father. Then it was all about hospitality and food. My favorite was my teaching assistant jobs at Cornell University.

    Who introduced you to your industry?
    Someone once told me that ‘hospitality’ is in your blood. And that would be true for me. But it wasn't until 2003 when a Thai monk and I wandered and got lost in Mae Hong Son the remote Northern Hills of Thailand. We were lost for 11 hours, and during that time of quiet introspection, it was time for me to take a leap of faith and build a healing hotel.

    Best advice you’ve been given?
    If you can buy yourself out of a problem, do it. Life is too short to have problems

    Best advice you give?
    Listen more, people will reveal who they are

    Current pleasure? 108 sun salutations Surya namaskar

    What is something or someone you’re coveting at the moment?
    My quiet time


    What is one sustainability practice you incorporate in your work/life? There are so many that it is just part of my everyday life. But the one I am most proud os is growing 80% of my own food here at The Retreat Costa Rica.


    What is one part of your process that surprised you when you started?? (assuming this question is in regards to the previous question). It took some time to stage crops to maintain control of produce yield. Also, I was surprised of how much seasonal produce can provide. I have donated so much to my employees and their families along with a local orphanage frothier health and to avoid waste.


    Who is a thought leader you admire? I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Richard Branson years ago, and he showed me what a true visionary is. It wasn't until then I understood myself and my worth.


    What / who represents Beauty to you? Living your most authentic self represents beauty. I have always admired Gabrielle Reese, for her athleticism, her heart and her natural glow.


    What does Beauty mean to you? Health and Happiness are true beauty.


    What is one Self Care practice you enjoy? Sweat daily


    What is one change you hope to see in the world that you make an effort to embody? Educating people in self-love and self care.


    You’ve been given a magic wand, what is your first spell? If I could eliminate deep emotional traumas in everyone and reset the button to our pure innocent state. I believe the world would be a better place.