Chase's Hot Cocoa Recipe

    2020-11-06 23:37:53

    Hello Beauty!


    With cooler temperatures quickly becoming a reality, my self-care practice sometimes looks a little more like cozy blankets, hot salty baths, great audio-books and podcasts, and one of my favorite cooler weather remedies, hot cocoa made with fair trade, organic dark chocolate.


    I'm excited to share my recipe with you below. 


    Stay Safe & Cozy Please!



    What You'll Need:

    - 2 large squares of your favorite super-dark chocolate
    (Make sure chocolate is fair trade, organic, and at least 72% cacao. Some of our favorite options are Hu and Trader Joes.)

    - 8 oz boiling water (or coffee).
    - Unsweetened Oat milk to taste.


    How to Make: 
    Place chocolate at the bottom of a large mug, pour boiling water 1/3 way up the cup. Mix fervently. Pour more hot water in leaving room for oat milk. Pour in oat milk and voila.